Nomees Dhruvi Herbal Hair Oil (100ml, 200ml)

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Nomees Dhruvi Herbal Hair Oil

A herbal formula for healthier hair

‘Nomees Dhruvi’ Herbal Hair Oil is made using coconut oil and completely natural herbs. ‘Dhruvi’ can be used to treat any hair problems except baldness and hair loss caused by other diseases.

For generations, hair oil has been used to stimulate hair growth and maintain healthy hair. A healthy gentle oil massage is a good exercise for the hair and scalp.

  • Makes hair stronger from roots
  • Helps to control hair fall and dandruff
  • Helps in regrowth
  • Controls premature greying
  • Makes hair extremely black, and smooth
  • Keeps scalp hydrated

Directions for use

Take the Dhruvi oil in your palm and apply it to the scalp according to the thickness of your hair. If your hair is curly, make partitions and apply them to the scalp. Then gently massage for 2 minutes. Apply the oil to the ends of the hair. Tying the hair tightly after oiling can cause hair breakage.

For best result wash off with Nomees Dhruvi Herbal Hair Wash Powder after one hour (at least half an hour) or use a mild shampoo for washing if necessary. Try to use it four times a week.

Follow the directions to see the changes in just four weeks.


Keep in a cool & dry place. Keep tightly closed after use.


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